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As you drive up the Tongerenseweg you will see a glimpse of the majestic mansion "Kolthoven Estate" hidden in a cove. Its stately appearance with its white-washed facades and wood-framed windows contrasts nicely with the surrounding nature. The house actually lies "with its backside in the woods" and offers a gorgeous view over the front lawn and thickets.

A romantic lane with centuries-old Birch trees takes visitors to the estate that is located on an enclosed domain of more than 5 hectares. An idyllic abode on the edge of the the rustic wooded village Epe where you and and your family can reside in complete privacy and safety. Next to the main house which has been perfectly restored you will find the coach house which has also been thoroughly renovated and the house offers form of comfort imaginable. If you wish to combine living in style with business facilities, this side building is ideally suited for just that purpose.

The property is a veritable paradise for children to build tree-huts in and play hide and seek. The entire property borders the edge of the village and your children will be able bike to school safely and with ease.

The house itself in quite impressive, stately and surprising as it balances between modern efficiency and historic charm. The complex has been developed to be energy-efficient with all kinds of energy-saving technologies in place. Good for the environment and your wallet. The house features HR++ glass from the basement all the way up to the 2nd floor.

The the character of the mansion, which dates from 1914, is heightened by the marble floor as you enter, the stairwell and the ornamental ceilings. Kolthoven Estate was designed in a modest Rococo architectural style and was built created by Mr L.C. Kolff. The Rococo style with its lush design was restored with Dutch sobriety to combine clean lines with ornamental features. The uniqueness of this estate has resulted in it being given the status of a municipal monument.

Kolthoven estate has an impressive capacity of approx. 4,500 m3 and every historic detail has been restored to the majestic style of old, and with all the comfort of today. A park garden has been placed around the house. Alongside the driveway, you will see the lawn. The entire property has a parcel size of over 50,000 m.

If you like the furnishings and design of the Kolthoven Estate, a completely furnished acquisition can be negotiated.


The outer walls are of thick white-washed sandstone.
The roof is entirely covered by tiles.
The restoration here was all-encompassing.
This included, among others, the installation of new windows with HR++ glass while still preserving the original character of the frames.
The restoration of the near-royal ceiling in the sitting room and the main hall took four months to complete, for example.
The pain work was done in 2016/2017.
The total living area of the house is well over 800 m².

The estate features floor and wall heating in combination with sun panels that ingeniously interact with the changes in outdoor temperature to optimise the climate indoors.
Note - The heating costs, including electricity costs for the main house and the coach house are only € 500 per month.



Stately entrance via double main doors. When you arrive in the vestibule you have a magnificent view into the main hall to the easterly hall with side entrance.
The heated floors are of polished marble in the black/white combination.

The gentleman's quarters/office features an impressive mantle piece with a closed, built-in gas fire place with heat recycling.
The parquet floor was stylishly designed in an elegant herring bone pattern.

The parlour room opens with majestic doors that provide access to the landing.
Classic mantle piece with built-in, open gas fire place.
The refined, stylish wall panels are adorned with French wallpaper and the parquet floor features a herring bone pattern.

Both the parlour and the hall offer access to the living room with veranda.
The ceiling height is truly impressive with approx. four and a half metres.

The breathtaking main hall with stately landing stairwell that features a ballustrade of oak. The trays on the stairwell are covered with a lush and warm carpet.

Guest toilet with urinal, wall closet and wash basin. Wardrobe.

From the hall, you can access the north-east wing with its country kitchen. Hand-built, traditional country kitchen in estate-style equipped with every imaginable technological modern convenience. The basement consists of: storage basement, wine cellar, inventory and storage space.

The floor is of Belgian hard stone, granite marbletops interspersed with oak wood countertops to ensure stability and sustainability.

Borders on the washing/linen space.
The wash chute through the entire house adds incredible efficiency.

Landing walkway leading to the technical service area.

The built-in guest apartment is situated in the north-west wing.
Completely separate from the living area to ensure peace and privacy.
Suitable for guests or can be used as an exclusive bed & breakfast.

Kitchen features every conceivable modern appliance built-in. Parlour Hallway with own entrance. Toilet with wall closet. Bedroom with own bathroom equipped with shower corner, design radiator, wash basin and heated floors.

Both wings offer access to the confined patio terrace with ornamental paving.


Via the stairwell you will arrive on a uniquely royal landing which features the following quarters:

Main bedroom with wide-opening doors to the balcony.
The ornamental ceiling and the parquet floor instil a classic tone here.

Walkthrough via the royal, double walk-in closet with cabinet walls leading to a bathroom.

Via a small staircase you have access to a fully-equipped bathroom.
The bathroom features a visual divide with a vaulted round wall that sits the room into Care and Wellness areas. Daily care by way of a 4-person whirlpool, showering corner with massage jets, handmade bath and bidet. Relaxation is made possible with a built-in sauna, tanning booth, sitting area, rain shower and regular shower.
Hand-made marble tiles combined with wood and luxury sanitary provisions from the perfect combination to create an optimal atmosphere of care and relaxation.

Separate toilet and wall cabinet with wash basin.

Another royal landing with permanent closets provided access to spacious fitness area.
The parquet flooring naturally ensures an element of timeless warmth.

The neighbouring bedroom is designed in English style.
The fabric and wallpaper by Laura Ashley add a unique touch to this room.

The annexed room is designed as a room for the children.

The hall in between is slightly elevated and provides access to the north-west wing with a stylish bedroom and connecting parlour.
The combination of these rooms offers a place with privacy to study and/or rest.

This level offers the 3rd bathroom of the house. The bathroom features two showers and two wash basins. It also has floor heating that includes a design radiator.
The vaulted wall with showers is decorated with aqua-blue mosiac tiles.

Separate toilet with wall closet and small fountain.

Fixed staircase to the 2nd floor.


The 2nd floor is comprised of 6 rooms with the following description:

1) Large, modern design children's room with a view over the lawns.
2) French bedroom with a view over the estate and woodlands.
3) Royal family bedroom with a view over the pastures.
4) Royal billiards room with sitting areas.
5) Bathroom with double wash basin, shower, toilet, bidet and design radiator.
6) Guest bedroom with a view over the estate and woodlands.

Four royal closets and storage spaces augment the interior.


Coach house

Construction year 1914
Made entirely of stone.
Roof made entirely of classic tiles.
The living area has been completely renovated and is now in completely new condition.
Surface area of approx. 600 m³.

Entrance, wardrobe, open area with kitchen counter. Toilet and shower. Landing leading to a built-in garage area. This offers enough space for 6 or 7 vehicles.
Permanent stairs leading to the guest apartment:
hall with 3 bedrooms. Bathroom equipped with shower, wash basin, toilet and design radiator. Spacious living room with half-open kitchen. New modern kitchen equipped with built-in appliances.


Construction year 2002.
Built entirely of impregnated wood.
Roof features asbestos-free roof tiles.
Measures approx. 16 x 7 metres. Height of approx. 5.5 metres.


The estate is centrally located: at a short distance from the urban area on one hand and at a walking distance from the expansive wooded areas on the other.

The entire property is ideally situated for quick access to the A50 and A28 roadways.

Access to the estate can be only be gained via the entrance port with ornamental cast-iron fencing. The port is remote controlled and also features a video/intercom system.

The property is entirely surrounded by fencing measuring 2 metres in height.

The estate is classified under the Dutch National Natural Landscape Act which yields many fiscal advantages, including exemption from transfer tax.
The estate is not open to the public.

Unique opportunity to purchase an exclusive object in top condition and with extremely low energy costs.


The estate has all the necessary utilities.
(Floor)heating and warm water provisions by way of (HR) boilers and warm water boiler.
Fully equipped with technological convenience you would expect from such a country estate.

Asking price is € 5.800.000,- - - transaction costs

The seller expressly reserves the right to contract awards.


Transfer of ownership
€ 5.800.000 k.k.
in overleg
Kind of house
Building type
vrijstaande woning
Construction period
Roof Type
mansarde dak
Surface Areas And Volume
Living area
800 m2
Other indoor space
Exterior space attached to the building
External storage space
Volume in cubic meters
3987 m3
Plot size
50013 m2

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