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Tuinarchitectenburo Arend Jan van der Horst

Marjanka Rijk is my name

I love 
Right angles and circles
Imagining, creating
Architecture and nature

I am
Spirited, dedicated
Curious and decisive
A limitless mind with a passion for perfection

I work 
Where once I was born
Not alone 
But together
With professionals unafraid to take bold perspectives

As a team
We continue the conceptual legacy of Arend Jan van der Horst
Inspire your thoughts and join you on the journey of your dreams
Transcending your imagination with green fragrances, colors and the sounds of nature

We are 

Landscape and Garden Architecture Studio Arend Jan van der Horst

Conceptual landscape and garden architecture on a(n inter)national scope
Specialized in comprehensive concepts for all outdoor spaces

Landscape architecture is (an) art
Based on this philosophy, we create three-dimensional paintings
Vibrant and evolving with time

Meet us, we will fascinate you

Tuinarchitectenburo Arend Jan van der Horst
Provincialeweg 8 
4431 NB ‘s-Gravenpolder 
+31 (0) 118 64 37 43