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Hans Kodde

Hans Kodde, an inspiring leading architect
Hans originally studied architecture at the Academy of Architecture in Delft in the early nineties and founded his own practice Kodde Architects in Amsterdam in 1996.

He's known to be an inspiring leading architect in the field of renovation as well as newly build properties. His studio is situated in a historic town house along the Amsterdam canals in a relaxed atmosphere that reflects his professional skills and commitment to tasty architecture.

Celebrated for innovation and imagination in new construction, Kodde also appreciates the importance of preserving and restoring great architecture of the past. Hans: 'We have set precedence on the conservation of numerous heritage buildings and structures. The result is a synergy of timeless design - a harmony of old and new - that creates a unique living experience for every member of the community'.

Hans is used to work in competitive conditions and has the necessary experience in collaborative teamwork. If required Kodde architecten can rely on a network of partners specialized in the fields of interior architecture engineering, urban design, landscape design.

Notable characteristics in architecture
His architectural works are easily identifiable, with its minimal interiors and expansive glass vistas are just one example of his use of materials. His amazing use of glass, steel and wood became his renowned fame. His innovative open floor plan concepts, his minimalist and "less is more" approach to architecture and his forward thinking of using plate glass and structural steel to divide interior spaces is one of his most notable characteristics in architecture.

Human-centered design
To Hans being an architect means a lot more than designing. 'I spend only 10% of my time on designing, the other 90% of it is admin, ringing people and having meetings. Collaboration has always been critical to completing any architectural project; every structure needs a designer, an engineer, a contractor, and of course, the client. Each member of the team brings their own expertise to their respective phase of the construction process. The ability to collaborate is becoming an increasingly important attribute in today's design world, now focused more and more on human-centred design, user experience research, and empathy for the user'.

Today's successful architects make a concerted effort to learn directly from the people they're designing for, often integrating the client's creative ideas into the initial ideation phase. What better way to tailor architectural solutions to the user's needs than to directly involve them in the design process?

Hans starts from the idea that good design isn't just about usability, but dignity, too. "Environmental psychology tells us that the moment we are born, the world around us-the room we sleep in, the classroom we learn in, the systems we see our parents have to deal with-signals to us who we are'. "We get this feedback mechanism that tells us what our worth in the world is; it tells us fundamental things about our own identity. We're a reflection of the design we experience in our lives."

Kodde architecten
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