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Baerz Property
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At Baerz Property we take pride in totally managing all the complicated work of buying or renting high end apartments, town houses, villas, mansions and castles throughout the Netherlands and various southern European countries around the Mediterranean. And with many clients overseas, these include turnkey management of Architectural Design, Renovation Projects, New Build Projects, Contracting, Interior Design & Decorations and Landscaping.

We have fostered trust due to our integrity and because we do not shy away from telling you what you may not want to hear. We are confident in ourselves because our real estate instincts are built on commitment, experience and thorough expertise in real estate.

Our challenge is getting to know our clients well, knowing available properties that aren’t on the open market and doing all the legwork. Baerz Property is a boutique practice that offers discretion, impartiality & independency and specialises in buying and renting prime residential properties only.

We guarantee an objective approach. We ensure that negotiations with sellers are undertaken with only your best interests in mind, in order to close the best possible deal. Our buying advisory desk does not sell or represent any sellers. This is the only way to avoid those typical conflicts of interest that our sector sometimes has an unfortunate reputation for harbouring. We don’t allow anything or anyone to cloud the clarity or impartiality of our thinking.

The majority of the properties we help our buyers acquire is not available on the open market. Finding these homes requires pro-active research and an excellent network. We constantly monitor our network and seek out opportunities for finding these ‘needle in a haystack’ properties for our clients. Our network penetrates deep into every local market. Only when you are ready to take the next step will we come into action and discuss with you what the best purchase strategy is, negotiate on your behalf and manage the entire transaction process. This approach saves our clients an average of over three times our brokerage fee.

‘If we can’t find it, it’s not for sale’