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€ 952.494 v.o.n.
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Project Groenmarkt unit construction number 8

A home in Amsterdam that makes it feel as though you're always on vacation, with a swimming pool and dune garden on the roof of the building. Groenmarkt makes it happen. Now available is this (family) duplex apartment of approximately 120sqm with an option for parking.

Groenmarkt Project
A sustainable home, in the city center, in a historic location on the border of the Jordaan. Finding a place like this is proving increasingly difficult. However, beautiful Groenmarkt offers all this and more. A tranquil spot on a peaceful square or along wide and elegant Singelgracht. Groenmarkt is comprised of two unique buildings located between Marnixstraat and Singelgracht. A large mansion with 4 spacious urban homes on Marnixstraat. And on Singelgracht, an elegant, modern residential building with 35 apartments including 22 parking spots in the underground garage. Groenmarkt was designed by Bastiaan Jongerius and Ronald Janssen. It will be a striking, contemporary building that distinguishes itself by the open character of its façade and its multiple perspectives. Residents will meet on the square, go swimming, or relax in the spectacular dune landscape on the roof. Humans, animals and nature: there is a lush spot for everyone here. In an exquisite setting with water, quay and city.

This spacious family duplex of 120sqm faces the square and features a large living area with a luxury kitchen with a chef's island on the ground floor. Adjacent to the living area is a spacious outdoor space with a view of the vibrant square. Two bedrooms, each with an en suite bathroom, are on the basement level. And, an extraordinary detail: the apartment has a private street-level entrance on the square. Due to the magnificent perspectives, you will always feel connected to your surroundings. And, if you have children: this is a place where they can play safely outside your front door.

The roof
A home that makes it feel like you're always on vacation, with facades that were made to be overgrown with greenery and a beautiful dune landscape on the roof with a swimming pool! There's always a bit of a breeze on the roof, there's no need to leave Amsterdam if you want to visit the beach. You have a beautiful view of the city from the expansive pool. The garden house is a meeting point for residents and also accommodates a herb garden.

The homes in Groenmarkt realized gas-free with an EPC of 0.15. Meaning that the energy, which is necessary to allow the home to function, is produced in a sustainable manner. The apartments in the Singelgracht block feature an individual geothermal pump that harvests energy from the ground. The homes on the Marnix block feature a thermal pump that heat from the air outside. This generates warm tap water and heating for the apartments. The residents of Groenmarkt become co-owners of a solar roof in the area for clean electric energy. Groenmarkt is ready for the future!

- Rooftop pool (exclusively for residents of Singelgracht)
- Residential floor area of approximately 120sqm
- Living room with a cozy open-plan kitchen with a chef's island
- Reservation kitchen costs €17,500
- Two bedrooms
- Outside space on the square
- Luxury bathroom with a bathtub, shower and toilet, and a second guest bathroom
- Utility area for a thermal pump, ventilation, and fittings for the laundry machine and dryer
- Separate restroom
- Storage unit in the basement
- Communal bicycle storage
- Communal rooftop with dune landscape
- Low ground lease GT&C 2000 €1.380 per year subject to annual yearly indexation
- Amsterdam city center, Jordaan
- Parking space in the underground garage from €62,500 costs to seller
- Indicative completion Q3 2021 (no rights may be derived from this indicative date)
- construction is underway!
- More than 50% sold!
- Suspensive conditions are met
- Only a few available

"This information was drafted with due care. However, we are not liable for any unintended omission, inaccuracy or otherwise, nor any consequences related thereto. All given measurements and dimensions are indicative only. The general terms and conditions of the NVM apply."


Transfer of ownership
€ 952.494 v.o.n.
in overleg
Kind of house
dubbel benedenhuis
Building type
Construction period
Roof Type
plat dak
Surface Areas And Volume
Living area
120 m2
Other indoor space
Exterior space attached to the building
5 m2
External storage space
Volume in cubic meters
312 m3
Plot size

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