consolidated strengths




What sets us apart is consolidated strenght amongst many high-end residential estate agencies, a strong international network, an advanced worldwide online marketing strategy, great personal commitment, in-depth knowledge of all regional markets, more than usual estate agency services and last but not least: passionate hard work!




We don’t underestimate the growing group of international buyers. The portal is a direct online link to over 140 international “luxury home portals“ in 65 countries. This includes renowned,,,,,,,,, Indomio com,, many more. This allows us to bring your home to the attention of a global group of affluent buyers. is the largest luxury home platform in Europe, listing in 16 languages and with users from 132 countries. Luxury Estate generates a generous 800,000 visitors and has 9,000,000 page views per month. is a European portal that only shows prime residential properties, offered by a selection of reputable luxury home agencies. Reaching out to approx. 100.000 monthly visitors in 8 languages. Owned and operated by the largest group of luxury home agencies in the Netherlands. is the world’s largest online luxury portal, specialized in exclusive homes. Its readers are independent, affluent individuals who are interested in luxury. 90% of these prospective buyers are male, independent business owners and investors and spend over 500,000 euro on luxury every year. is the largest British portal for buyers and renters of exclusive homes and apartments abroad. from Switzerland links our property listings to many renowned property portals in countless countries all over the world. a leading real estate portal in Greece, receives approximately 2.7 million visits per month. This figure places it as a significant player in the Greek property market, which is notable given Greece’s population of around 11 million people. is UK’s leading property portal, focussed on helping house-hunters in the upper tiers of the market and attracts over 5 million visitors a month. Its overseas property listings include more than 60 countries, including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, South Africa, Dubai, Australia, Croatia and Bulgaria. with 750 million home impressions per year Zoopla is the Uk’s leading homeportal. Reach out for affluent British buyers with an appetite for luxury homes in Europe. was set up 26 years ago and specialises in luxury properties, both in France and internationally. Nearly half a million affluent customers visit the website each month, connecting with the best property professionals in the world of luxury homes.

IMMOSCOUT24.DE is the largest and best-known housing portal in Germany with 14,000,000 visitors and 5,000,000 requests per month.

IMMOWELT.DE Germany’s Immowelt manages leading real estate portals such as, and, among others. Through Immowelt we reach a network of more than 100 premium home portals, with over 15 million visitors per month. is a media conglomerate and publishes financial news and information, research and financial data. It serves as one of the principal financial publishers in the world. Bloomberg has nearly 1 million global circulations of Bloomberg Businessweek and over 150 international news agencies. Your exclusive property listings will be shown in all sections of Bloomberg Property Listings. has a strong presence in countries like Greece, Italy, and Cyprus. It’s part of a larger network of real estate portals that aim to cater to the housing needs in the Mediterranean region.


Baerz & Co real estate agents maintain a special partnership with three market-leading ‘Lifestyle & Living’ magazines in the Netherlands. All Excellent Magazine Villa d’Arte and Society World focus on over-35s with an upper average income. Both magazines feature a lot of news on architecture, interior design, travel, cars jewellery, gastronomy, art and literature..

The printed editions of Villa d’Arte, Excellent Magazine and Society World are distributed in editions of 70,000, 35,000 end 25.000copies respectively, sold through bookshops and paying subscribers. Baerz & Co advertises in all these editions throughout the year. Both titles of course also have their own websites, good for more than 100,000 visitors per month. Baerz & Co’s search technology is built into the websites of both online magazines, so that website visitors can easily search for your property listing.


Baerz & Co publishes a 300-page Baerz & Co Luxury Homes Magazine by Excellent Media Group. Packed with inspiration about luxurious living, architecture, and interior design. With beautiful photography of exclusive houses, interiors, and gardens. Of course, the Magazine also offers practical handy overviews of many top suppliers.

Every week we publish a digital newsletter, containing our latest offers of luxury homes.


Total circulation:
Baerz & Co Luxury Homes Magazine in combination with Excellent Magazine 43,000 copies

Via bookstores, subscriptions, estate agents, notaries, luxury lifestyle advertisers, (interior) architects, Excellent exclusive home exhibitions.



Copies: 16.800
Publication: Every week



From the portal and individual websites of all Baerz & Co member agencies, everyone can easily download an automatically generated video clip of your listed property. Simply click to share your video with everyone’s network via social media. What other realtor offers this unique technology?


We use our Baerz & Co social media service which posts daily. Is there something newsworthy about your property that you would like to share, or do you want to add a ‘high light’? We’ll use to directly publish your information on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Should you wish more involvement for your property on social media? Would you like to convey the atmosphere of a home amongst potential buyers? Do you wish to distinguish your home from others? Video marketing is the solution! An image says more than a thousand words. We do not only provide standard (drone) videos, but also storytelling videos. Like in a distinctive commercial.


Together with the Baerz & Co team we also provide experienced experts on drone videos, Matterport, 2- and 3D visualizations and augmented reality. Shouldering the burden for real estate agents and homeowners by creating spectacular property presentations. With virtual Matterport viewings you separate wheat from the chaff. Bring your luxury properties to life and impress more potential buyers with this immersive 3D experience.

Share a true impression online before potential buyers request for a viewing on site. We offer you stunning Matterport productions against compatible rates by traditional photographers.

We scan each property in 4k resolution;
We deliver and host each production within 24 hours;
Accessible to any browser for Interior views, dollhouse views and floor plans.

The majority of homes we find for our buying clientele are not available on the public market, the so-called ‘off-market properties’. Finding and relaying these needles in a haystack calls for more pro-active research and an excellent network. With our Baerz & Co network of international real estate agencies, we penetrate deep into each market.

Our motto? ‘If we can’t find it, it’s not for sale.’

Whether you can already give us your detailed wish list regarding location, architectural style or specific features, or only have a general idea of what it is that you’re looking for; we always follow your agenda, not our own! We will show you the best properties and prevent you from being faced with unwanted pitfalls. We will quickly schedule viewings of a short-list of selected properties, analyse the pros and cons, the locations and the mind-set of the selling party. Only when you are ready to take the next step will we come into action and discuss with you what the best purchase strategy is, negotiate on your behalf and manage the entire transaction process.


Our rental specialists only focus on the luxury segment and offer extensive experience combined with an exclusive network. Public listings on the internet have often expired or are inaccurate, just serving to garner attention.

In the higher price range, prospective (foreign) tenants tend not to look online. We assist many of these prospective tenants by taking the complex and often time-consuming process out of their hands. Save yourself the hassle, disappointment and time. We coordinate an efficient, targeted search to find you your exclusive rental home, or will find a reliable upmarket renter for your property. The crux is a tailor-made approach, immense effort and an exceptional level of personal dedication.



For privacy reasons, one can of course also choose not to offer a property publicly, but through so-called Secret Listings. In all peace and quietness and at your own pace, without prying eyes. The interaction with house hunters takes place behind closed doors. Your property will be included in the hidden offer of Baerz & Co, but only discreetly distributed to our registered nationwide database registered with us. In this way, you reach a selected target group of only serious house hunters.

We also offer a unique Off-Market method internationally. As Baerz & Co real estate agent, we are a member of Primextate, a European online market place for off-market sales and auctions of luxury homes. This B-2-B platform is private for professionals and not accessible to private individuals.

Primextate offers buyers and sellers of luxury homes a unique online access to its network. This community consists of an unrivalled database of around 500 high-end residential real estate agents across Europe, who can invite their own private clients with discretion and trust can invite them to look over their shoulder. Primextate combines the exclusivity of a closed business club of international real estate professionals with global exposure to qualified buyers and sellers. The online software is fully transparent, giving buyer and seller control over the buying and selling and/or auction process. You select your own price category and search criteria and track all activities in real time.

The Primextate club of real estate professionals includes:

High-end real estate agencies
Buying agents
Property hunters
Family offices

Another service we provide in order to market properties that are relatively difficult to sell is our unique (digital 3D) ‘Restyle & Sell Service’. We will design, redevelop and decorate your home digitally and upon request, we will even apply for all required building permits. Please ask our office for more information about how we can align your home to better meet the wishes of your future buyer.


In addition to our unique real estate and marketing services, as a Baerz & Co affiliated partner we also offer other services. More services than you are used to receiving from a traditional real estate agent. We also channel your search for reliable professionals. Professionals whose services buyers are likely to need and would like to source without losing valuable time or risking expensive financial surprises. After all, our clients prefer a low-hassle process. Whether this concerns assistance in terms of financial, legal or tax advice, or selecting a partner and turn-key management of architectural matters, new builds, renovations, interior design or decoration or managing complete landscaping projects: our Baerz & Co group allows you direct access to first class market parties in each discipline, see


In order to achieve a high level of personal commitment, it is crucial that you work with the same person throughout the entire process. From start to finish. Always willing to go the extra mile. Of course, our top priority is identifying your aspirations, to get a sense of your lifestyle, today and in the future. And to gain understanding of more practical matters, such as location and commute times, your schedule, or the subtle balance between the emotional aspects of finding the right home for you and making wise property investment choices. We guarantee an objective approach. We always hold objectivity in higher regard than profit. We ensure that negotiations with buyers and sellers are undertaken with only your best interests in mind, in order to close the best possible deal for you. This is the only way to avoid those typical conflicts of interest that our sector sometimes has an unfortunate reputation for harbouring.


Deliver good work and gain trust!

We have fostered trust through our integrity and because we do not shy away from telling you what you may not want to hear. We are confident because our real estate instincts are based on our commitment, experience and thorough expertise in real estate.