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ENstudios interiors
Interior Design & Decoration

ENtudios developes a house to a unique residence with personalityFrom residences to Mediterranean holiday homes, we mix design, vintage and mainstream.
Selection of our projects is made based on themes from different country’s , German design to Italian fabrics and terra-cotta pottery from Marrakech.

Evelyn Struik known from “ Eigen Huis & Tuin, RTL4”, international fashion model over the years and passionate about the integrated approach on every design aspect of one’s own place, as she realised recently at home.

Noëlle Baartmans, stylist with Danie Bles Styling for many years, developed/styled events for L’Oréal, jewelry designer Bibi van der Velden, Douwe Egberts. During her stay in Ibiza where she worked on several interior design projects, the concept of ENstudios started evolving.

ENstudios styled interiors in France, Ibiza, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

ENstudios realises interior design projects on an integrated approach basis, building from main content as furniture, floors and curtains upto accessories and relevant art. Moodboards are built to underline our holistic approach into your world.