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Studio Sluijzer

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Robin Sluijzer
Interior Design & Architecture

Studio Sluijzer is a multidisciplinary design agency based in Amsterdam.
Owner and designer Robin Sluijzer started his career as a furniture maker and started his own design studio twenty years ago. The designs of Studio Sluijzer have their own character, are tough, stylish and at the same time radiate peace and serenity. Robin likes to work with natural materials and together with the use of contrasts a balanced coherent design is created. All designs are realized with an eye for detail and have a high-quality and durable quality. Robin's love for material, shape and colour is summed up in one or a few objects, but also in complete in- and exteriors, which are often delivered turn-key.

The studio's portfolio is rich and varies from residential projects to designs for hospitality, retail and offices. Robin also designs furniture and accessories such as his own bamboo lamp collection, bamboo concrete (wall) finishes and leather rugs.

Sustainable future
During the Masters of LXRY in 2020 the close collaboration between Studio Sluijzer and EcoCabins was presented. In this collaboration social housing, tiny houses and villas are developed on the basis of sustainable wood construction in combination with sustainable energy production.

In addition, the collaboration has started with the CooLoo Circular Canopy. For the Salone del Mobile the ecological finishes of CooLoo are applied to create exterior, interior and circular furniture.

These are striking examples of the sustainable vision and collaborations Studio Sluijzer strives for. Combining luxury and serenity with sustainability and circularity as part of the new living movement.

Expect to see this passion and progressive vision reflected in every project Studio Sluijzer undertakes. Always working from a strong conceptual basis. Whether it is a renovation of a monumental building, publication of a design book or the design of a total residential area.