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Peter Beerents

Peter Beerents has lived in the Netherlands and Spain, with 3 decades of working experience in real estate in both countries. He is a fiercely committed professional exceeding his clients' expectations. As the founder of Baerz & Co and Baerz Property Peter connects to an extensive network of brokers, sellers, landlords and developers.

His reputation is inevitable thanks to his seasoned knowledge, strong referral base, vast network of contacts, and reputation built on hard work, client advocacy, and innovative thinking. He is a connoisseur of capitalizing on potential and creating opportunities for his buyers even in the most volatile of markets.

'My job is to source and provide opportunity information to my clients in a translatable form and get them what they want. I have been working on the selling and buying side for many years. But I have always had more empathy with buyers, who I could sense wanted a more detailed service than just looking over the listed properties for sale.

To match a 'one-of-a-kind client' with a 'one-of-a-kind home' does not simply require a real estate agent swinging some key rings. It requires an independent, trusted buying advisor truly minding its clients' lifestyle, needs and interest.

The idea to set up his Search and Buying Advisory Practice began in the late 1990's, as a reaction to the high prices of luxury home properties created by the market bubble. ‘It became my ambition to consider buying as a bespoke service and provide my clients with more advantages and services than what is usually offered by traditional Real Estate Agents’.

And with clients overseas, these include turnkey management of Architectural Design, New Build Projects, Renovation Projects, Contracting, Interior Design & Decorations and Landscaping.

‘My challenge is getting to know my client well, knowing available properties that aren't on the open market and doing all the legwork. Thus, providing my clients the best deal possible.'

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